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Hungry Shark World Cheats


Hungry Shark World?


From the creators of the Assassin's Creed franchise, and Watch Dogs comes a nice change of pace for the casual mobile gamer. Hungry Shark World is the latest edition in the Hungry Shark games by Ubisoft that give you the thrill of being the predator. Simply put eat to grow and survive as the apex alpha of the sea. Available for free download in both Play Store and apple ITunes app store.


Tips and Tricks


If purchasing upgrades with your real hard earned doe isn't for you then grinding is definitely the next logical step right? Perseverance is key for grinders, if you die from starvation then jump back into the match and let that gold stack up. Buy the Map! Trying to play blind is a sure fire way to starvation so don't be stingy with that gold spend a little. Know what can harm you and do your best to stay clear of them until you evolve enough to take your prey out. Lastly complete the missions, although the missions aren't required to upgrade your apex predator it will be substantially quicker if you complete missions for extra gold.



If you aren't interested in spending countless hours on the grind you can always download the hacked mod version of hungry shark world which is also available for free in the Google Play Store as well as the IOS platform. The mod jumpstarts your predator adventure by giving you unlimited gold, unlimited gems, unlimited boost, and all abilities unlocked from the start. Don't panic you will still have the ability to upgrade the sharks speed, bite, and appetite so you won't be bored being the biggest and baddest in the sea. Click on hungry shark world cheats for more info.